36 Pregnancy-Friendly Tips to Keep You Healthy

36 Pregnancy-Friendly Tips to Keep You Healthy

There is a wealth of information available.

First, you must take care of yourself and your unborn kid.

There is a lot to learn.

Others, like avoiding cat litter, may be novel. To start, see your doctor and make an appointment with the UC San Diego Pregnancy and Childbirth Center.

Pregnancy-Friendly Tips to Keep You Healthy

1. Take a prenatal vitamin before conception.

2.Keep a regular exercise schedule.

3.Make a birth plan.

4. Educate yourself.

5.Reorganize your responsibilities (avoid harsh or toxic cleaners and heavy lifting).

6.Keep a record of your weight gain (normal weight gain is 25–35 pounds).

7.Invest in a pair of comfortable shoes.

8.Consume foods that are high in folate (lentils, asparagus, oranges, fortified cereals).

9.Consume meals that are high in calcium (dairy, canned fish, soy).

10.Increase your intake of fish (except those high in mercury).

11.Consume foods that are high in fiber.

12.Avoid eating soft cheeses (unpasteurized styles like Brie and feta may contain bacteria that can cause fever, miscarriage, or pregnancy complications).

13.Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables.

14.Take five to six well-balanced meals every day.

15. However, avoid overindulging. You simply require an additional 300-500 calories per day to maintain your weight. Keep a food journal to track your intake.

16.Keep caffeine intake under control.

17.Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated (six 8-ounce glasses of water per day)

18.Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages.

19.Adopt a sun protection regimen.

20.Fly with caution (avoid air travel if possible early and late in pregnancy)

21.Avoid changing kitty litter on a regular basis (to reduce risk of toxoplasmosis)

22.Cave in to your cravings – this is inevitable at times.

23.Know when to call your doctor if you’re worried.

24.Avoid smoking and secondhand smoke.

25.Get plenty of rest

26.Always wear your seatbelt

27.Don’t take over-the-counter drugs or herbal therapies without first consulting with your doctor.

28.Make an appointment with your dentist.

29.Enroll in a pregnancy education course.

30.Baby sit for a friend’s child to gain some practical experience.

31.Touring birthing facilities.

32.Practice relaxation techniques on a daily basis (yoga, stretching, deep breathing, massage)

33.Avoid overmedicating

34.Exercising, but not excessively.

35.It helps to stretch before bed.

36. Take a photo before the baby is born.

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