Can ice cream be consumed when pregnant?

Be cautious to consult a physician before beginning to consume ice cream while pregnant, since excessive consumption may have negative consequences for the mother or the fetus.

In the following report, we examine all aspects of consuming ice cream during pregnancy.

Motivations for eating ice cream during pregnancy

Some studies have demonstrated that hormonal changes during pregnancy are responsible for ice cream cravings, but not all pregnant women experience this craving. Approximately 70% of pregnant women desire ice cream.

Before starting to eat ice cream, it is best to see a specialist because the desire to eat ice cream often starts in the first trimester of pregnancy, peaks in the second trimester, and drops dramatically as the due date gets closer.

Is ice cream safe for pregnant women?

Pregnant women can safely eat ice cream, especially if it is made from natural ingredients like milk, so they don’t get pre-eclampsia and don’t endanger their own or their baby’s health.

It is also recommended to prevent excessive consumption of caffeinated ice cream since doctors recommend consuming no more than one cup of caffeine per day

, which can be obtained in the form of ice cream or a beverage.

negative effects of consuming ice cream during pregnancy.

1.-Weight increase

Ice cream has a lot of calories, so you shouldn’t eat it if you don’t want to gain weight, which could hurt you during labor.

2-gestational diabetes

Ice cream is known to have a great deal of sugar and calories that make gestational diabetes easier to develop, leading to the development of issues for the mother and fetus as well as the risk of losing the fetus in the first few months, so moderation is advised.

3-Respiratory problems

Excessive intake of ice cream can increase the likelihood of developing side effects in the throat and tonsils, which impairs the immune system and, consequently, the ability to breathe regularly.

Before taking it, you should talk to a doctor, especially if you are pregnant and in your first trimester.

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