Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Getting a ‘Hair Botox’ Treatment

If you want your hair to be as smooth and shiny as possible without any effort, you may want to try a hair Botox treatment. Don’t worry; the name is completely misleading. There will also be no needles flying at your head.You will instead relax in the salon chair while this restorative treatment works its magic on your hair.

Hair Botox is a 100 percent vegan deep conditioning treatment that will keep your hair’s structure intact while leaving it smoother and more moisturized than before, explains Kayla Ciambrone, a Florida-based professional stylist who gives hair Botox treatments often at Salon Gaudi. “The name comes from the fact that the product fills in gaps between individual hair fibers, closing split ends and giving hair a new smoothness and fullness to stop frizz.”

When your hair appears limp, or if you believe that heat and stress have caused breakage or damage, hair Botox can help you turn back time and reset. As with any other therapy, you should educate yourself on the procedure to see if it is best for you.


What does a Botox treatment for hair do? 

While there are no injectables involved with hair botox, your stylist will likely do a consultation before applying the product, which is simply a non-chemical concentration that may contain vitamin B5, vitamin E, collagen complex, antioxidants, and caviar oil, among others. According to Ciambrone, these substances nourish your hair by combating free radicals to counteract the indications of aging hair, including brittle strands and damaged fibers. The oils in the therapy soften and seal the cuticle of the hair, and the collagen helps the hair grow back even more.

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“We evaluate your hair,” Ciambrone explains. Depending on the texture of the hair and the desired outcome, the hair botox is left on the hair for 20 to 60 minutes.

When it comes time to rinse away the product, your stylist will apply a shampoo and conditioner with a pH-balancing formula. “Your hair is then blow-dried and flat-ironed, and it cannot be washed or become wet for at least 48 hours,” she explains. If the client can wait, I advise 72 hours.

According to Ciambrone, the cost of Botox for hair begins at around $200 for shoulder-length hair and escalates with hair density and length.

What are the advantages of Botox treatment for hair? 

Ciambrone claims that after treatment, you should anticipate smoother, fuller hair with fewer split ends. You may notice reduced frizz as a consequence of the treatment’s ability to restore moisture to your hair. The effects might persist for between two and four months.
Think about hair Botox is a form of conditioning therapy similar to upkeep. Periodically, all hair may benefit from the addition of proteins and moisturizing components, which is precisely what this treatment does. Ciambrone said that only a professional cosmetologist or stylist should do the procedure for the best results.

For which kinds of hair and conditions is hair Botox most effective? 

Again, because hair botox has no harsh chemicals, Ciambrone asserts that it is safe for all types of hair, including natural, color-treated, and chemically-treated hair. She says that it is especially good for people whose hair is thin, damaged, or has lost its shine.

How frequently may Botox be used on hair? 

While you should anticipate the effects of your hair Botox treatment to last around three months, there are a few things you can do to extend the effects. Ciambrone recommended washing your hair no more than two to three times per week using a mild, sulfate-free, and paraben-free shampoo. You may take it a step further by sleeping on a silk pillowcase or wearing a hat to bed.

Hair Botox for hair is not thought to be particularly damaging, but according to Ciambrone, you may have too much of a good thing when it comes to this therapy, especially if you’re also doing other things to your hair. “If you want to keep your hair healthy, I wouldn’t recommend smoothing or texture treatments more often than once every two months,” she says.

What is the distinction between Botox and keratin for hair? 

Some individuals confuse hair Botox treatments with keratin since the outcomes are the same. However, some keratin treatments use formaldehyde, which chemically eliminates frizz and straightens hair strands, whereas hair botox works with your hair’s natural structure for a more subtle impact. “Keratin is often used to straighten and de-frizz hair, especially thick, curly hair, but hair rotox won’t change the texture of your hair,” says Ciambrone.

A last consideration is that keratin and hair Botox should never be performed together. “The optimal treatment for each customer is determined by their hair’s integrity, texture, and desired outcome,” explains Ciambrone. All of these details are decided at the initial meeting with a customer.


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